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Why You Not Buy Vacant Home Insurance Geico

Why You Not Buy Vacant Home Insurance Geico

Homeowners insurance is something that every homeowner should have at all times. But a problem related to homeowners insurance has been happening a lot lately and has caused a variety of problems for homeowners who have bought a new home but haven’t yet sold the old one.

And that’s the issue of insuring vacant homes.

Vacant Home Insurance Geico

Vacant Home Insurance Geico

In today’s market, it is not uncommon for homeowners to buy a new home without selling the old one first.

Nowadays, a house takes more and more time to sell, so this problem is not uncommon for people to move into their new house while the old one remains empty for some time.

The problem with this is that many insurers do not insure a vacant home because there is a greater chance that something will happen to it.

A February 25, 2007 article by Steve McLinden of, “Vacant Home for Sale Brings Insurance Dangers,” discusses some problems that might arise when trying to insure a home that is not occupied.

The reason this topic of vacant homes that need to be insured is becoming such a hot topic lately is because there are so many on the market now due to a lack of activity in many areas.

How Long Can a House be Vacant for Insurance?

Many insurers do not want to take the risk of insuring these types of homes, although most of the time it is fine and nothing happens to these homes as long as no one stays in them.

“Insurers generally don’t like to cover vacant houses. That’s because burglary, vandalism, fire and water damage are much more likely to occur in vacant houses than in occupied ones and the resulting damage is worse because no one is around to report or stop it.

Most insurers will simply suspend coverage entirely when a home is vacant for more than 30 days and no new residents have moved in.

Although there are some things that can be done to avoid this situation, although homeowners must remember that every policy and insurance company is different.

“However, some insurers will grant you a ‘vacancy permit’, as long as you request it before those 30 days expire. Such permits will give you most of the coverage you previously had, but will not protect the home against acts like malicious., glass breakage or water damage.

Unoccupied Home Insurance

If you know that you will have an empty house in your hands for some time, you will not lose all hope.

Some insurance companies offer specially designed insurance for vacant homes, although not always at an affordable price. If you find yourself in this type of situation, your best option would be to shop around and find the policy with the best price.

“Some major insurers and surplus lines insurers offer vacant home insurance, for a high price, of course. Call and do a web search. Those same insurers can lower your rates if you have a central fire and burglary alarm system. , deadbolt bolts and smoke detectors were installed, and your home was winterized to protect the plumbing from freezing temperatures. Arranging for someone to come regularly to check the location will likely earn you a lower premium as well. ” .

Foremost Vacant Home Insurance

The moment a property goes from inhabited to unoccupied, its value decreases significantly. This is not always good news for the homeowner. But it is great news for real estate investors.

Vacant homes are among the best deals available. According to real estate investment mentor Kenny Rushing, while money can be made, there are risks to consider when buying vacant homes.

“Potential buyers should be aware that there are reasons why a home is vacant. Sometimes, there has been a divorce or death in the family. The owner-occupant may have had to move out before the home is sold. or abandoned or repossessed.

If it has been empty for a while, it may show signs of neglect. When someone is looking after the property in the absence of the owner, the risks may be minimal.

Sometimes a homeowner must relocate to work in another city or state and cannot wait for the house to sell before moving. This owner will be motivated to sell at a discounted rate just to get the property out of their hands. They will be especially motivated if they are paying mortgages on two houses.

Homeowners Insurance Quotes

If the landlord moves some distance away and no one is in charge of maintaining the property, you may be neglected. Cosmetic rehabilitation may be necessary, which gives the buyer an opportunity to negotiate. It reduces the value and price of a generally good property.

Some owners inherit houses from deceased relatives. Depending on how well the home was cared for while the original owner lived, it may or may not need to be fixed.

For example, homes owned by seniors may need an update or may need some touch-ups to make them desirable to buyers. If the person who inherits the home doesn’t care and leaves it in disrepair, a lack of standard maintenance can greatly reduce the value of the property.

Even without neglect, age will take its toll on a property. However, when negligence is also a factor, the property will deteriorate even faster over the years.

Unoccupied Home Insurance

An unoccupied property can be damaged by human damage. The neglect and destruction can be so extensive over a period of time that the home is condemned or deemed uninhabitable. These houses are labeled as such and are generally bricked up to prevent entry.

However, animals and vagrants may have entered, so use caution when inspecting these homes for investment purposes. Always carry a cell phone and a flashlight. Exercising the buddy system isn’t a bad idea either.

Utilities are likely off, so there will be no way to check water, electricity, or gas. There could be wiring problems, water or gas leaks, or other defects, any of which would be expensive to repair.